Data Integrations Between Various Environments
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Shortly after I started at New Trier, we lost our MIS Manager who had a variety of manually run synchronization routines in place to carry data between our many environments. I was tasked to review these integrations and either get them running or improve upon them.

I took his manually run routines, which were being performed through a Windows based Linux emulator which ran scripts that pulled data into temporary tables, adjusted the data and then carried that data into the destination system, and revised them into a single query with join statements that in the query "massaged" the data for the destination environments.

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The above scripts are now entirely automated in the form of DTS packages that run across our SQL 2000 & 2005 environment and also out to our vendors to supply any updated and year to year roll over activity. Through these scripts, a great number of previously manual activities, like a new student in the middle of a current year, can now be achieved entirely automated also allowing a single point of entry through the Student Records or Finance system.

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