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Columbus Motor Speedway, a client of ASCI's, request a backend to be developed and integrated into the site design. The purpose was to permit the site administrator automation and a dynamic work flow of data. The Columbus Speedway had previously been developed as a series of static pages manually updated with new results.

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10091 2/18/2010 1:43:28 PM Database 4259 A sample illustration of the Columbus Motor Speedway Entity Relationship Di  More ...
10085 2/18/2010 1:02:11 PM Development 3279 Some sample illustrations of the Columbus Motor Speedway website are shown   Collapse ...
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Some sample illustrations of the Columbus Motor Speedway website are shown below. The administrative interface is where Jeff Nuckles enters in the weekly racing results, scheduling information, news and articles, all associates images (front page, results area, etc - which are stored as objects in the database), links/sponsor information and user account management to the admin area.

10052 2/11/2010 9:03:58 PM Development 3314 This was one of my first development projects just after leaving the Univer  More ...

The Entity-Relationship Diagram of the back end data is available for download [Here], and the site (now hosted by me) can be visited at [].

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